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bajaj100 ct100 CDI,Digital CDI

bajaj100 ct100 CDI,Digital CDI

bajaj100 ct100 CDI,Digital CDI


  • Model: WE-bajaj CDI-CT100
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5kg
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    Product Type:  Motorcycle CDI

    Model: Bajaj CT100

    Origin: Chongqing, P.R.C

    shipping weight: 0.5kg

    bajaj100 ct100 CDI

    Technical requirements
    1, the ignition characteristics:
    ① AC power supply, capacitor discharge ignition;
    ② ignition energy into the corner, low-speed, high-speed ignition performance;
    ③ operating temperature range: -30 ° C to +65 ° C;
    ④ anti-jamming capability, environmental adaptability, high reliability;
    2, product performance:
    ① minimum continuous ignition speed: ≤ 200r/min (three-pin 6mm intermittent trigger gap was 0.7 mm);
    ② continuous ignition speed range: ≤ 200r/min ~ 11000r/min (three-pin intermittent 6mm, trigger gap was 0.7 mm);
    ③ ignition advance angle: 15~37° ± 1 °;
    ④ turn off the SW end of the ground, ignition should turn off;
    3, appearance requirements:
    ① patch device and igniter shell at the bottom of the vertical tilt;
    ② package surface should be smooth, free of cracks and other foreign matter;
    ③ encapsulation material and the shell is bonding well, without gaps, and should fully cover the components;
    ④ package surface height should not exceed the shell height, and the surface is smooth and no bubbles;
    ⑤ shell, patch the surface should be encapsulated material, and other attachments;
    4, igniter insulation resistance shall be not less than 1 MΩ (measured with 500V megger);
    5, in line with the motorcycle JB/T8123.1 ~ 8123.2-1999 standards;

    We ship out worldwidely by express delivery incluing EMS,DHL,FEDEX,TNT,UPS with discounting shipping cost as well as by Economic shipping China Post/Hongkong Post Air Parcel. Normally economic shipping is half charge of the express delivery. morever, we also provide freeshipping options for delivering single small parcels(below or equials to 2kg) please feel free to contact us for further information.

    Contact Email:

    Tel: +86 139 83913485


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